Thankful Post 164

Yesterday I pulled apart my dishwasher, so that I could put it back together again and clean it properly. I had tried that a few other times, but it would just not clean my dishes. My plan was to save up and get a professional to fix it for me. I broke yesterday when I looked at mount dishes in my sink, I was going to do them all by hand but decided my tender back wasn’t going to like that. I opened up my dishwasher and after watching a few YouTube videos I pulled it apart cleaned things up, put things back together, then did the cleaning thing I have done before.

One glass of vinegar in the top rack, run a pots and pans load. About a cup of baking soda on the bottom, run a pots and pans load.

I am thankful that this morning when I opened my dishwasher the dishes where clean. So I emptied it and did another load right? I really should have but I needed to make phone calls, I really don’t like making phone calls. I thought after my anxiety settled I would unload and reload my dishes. Did that happen? Not yet, my anxiety settled and I realized how sweaty and gross I got with the anxiety so I was going to change into my house coat. I know I came down with the COVID blues earlier and my place turned into a disaster zone, but today when I went into my bedroom I really realized how bad it was. After about an hour (maybe three hours) my back is so sore I can barely stand, but tonight when I go to bed I won’t be playing the what did I just step on game.

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