Sauerkraut 2?

I think I have written a post titled sauerkraut before, so maybe this is the second.

As I am cleaning my kitchen I found a blade for my food processor that I have been wanting to use to cut up my remaining half a cabbage to make some sauerkraut, as I have recently found out why I was failing at making it. I was kinda sorta skipping a few steps and expecting it to ferment properly. I threw my remaining half a cabbage through the dicer blade on my food processor, then pounded it out for 10 minutes (I missed this step in my previous two attempts). I packed it into a container, but it turned out to be to big even after adding a couple of carrots and an apple so I moved it two a different container. So in a few days I am hoping it will be ready.

Things I had been missing in my previous attempts where: not slicing it fine enough, the moisture needs to be released. Pounding it out for 10 to 15 minutes, it needs to be musher and wetter. Finally not adding an apple, more so for the brine and a bit of flavour.

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