Today’s New Thing

Yesterday afternoon I managed to step on some broken glass I cleaned it up, washed my foot, and carried on with my day. Last night I sat my bum down to watch some TV with a canned drink I found in my fridge. I was about halfway through this tasty beverage when I looked at it, I guess there was alcohol in it. My foot was really starting to hurt I was thinking of going to get it checked out, as I wasn’t feeling anything from the drink. I don’t drink (intentionally) but I do smoke weed every so often so I do know what it feels like to be under the influence, and I wasn’t feeling it. I finished the drink and watched some TV just to see if it would hit me later; several YouTube videos later and I felt nothing so I decided I would go get it checked out, I stood up and decided that no it was not going to be safe to drive. I thought maybe it was the alcohol just making it hurt more, so I popped my nighty night pills and went to bed.

So this morning I woke up and wow did my foot hurt. I attended a zoom meeting then hopped into the shower. After my shower I was debating on if it was worth it to go to the doctor. I talked to myself about it and eventually just decided to go. I got to a doctors office and registered, the wait was going to be 1.5 hours so I hummed and hald about it the worker bee suggested I go out to my car and come back in an hour so I did that. I got back and waited to be called in. When the doctor came to check out my foot he told me I was going to be moved to room 1, I said ok whatever. I guess the doctor felt the glass in my foot. Today’s new thing is having surgery performed on my foot to remove not 1 but 2 shards of glass from my foot.

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