Cleaning My Place

I have been spending time cleaning my place the past few days. I know at the beginning of the 20*0 plague I had plans to have my place cleaned spending a day in each room but the 20*0 anxiety got to me and the plans stopped. I had a friend come over to help motivate me into cleaning. I am forever thankful that she came over. I invited her over to help me clean my office as I am going to need help lifting things.

I wanted to clean most of my place prior to her coming over I have spent days cleaning my kitchen as of writing this I have averaged ruining my dishwasher 2 times a day over the past 4 days. I think I will have another load yet today, moving my average a little higher then two times a day. Needing to do so much dishes is disgusting, I am not proud of this and really need to fix that problem!

My fridge needs a good cleaning so after unloading my dishwasher I think I am going to unload my fridge. I will wait until after my fridge is clean before doing another load of dishes.

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