Today’s New Thing

This morning when I opened up my bedroom door it smelt different, it was rather confusing to me. It didn’t smell bad, well not worse then it did yesterday, so I found the motivation to do more clean up! Over the past two days I have averaged two loads of dishes, one reason is because my dishwasher wasn’t the cleanest thing so today I pulled apart the inside of my dishwasher to clean it.

After publishing this post I am going to run the rest of the cleaning process. The first step was cleaning the gunk out from the bottom of my machine, really shouldn’t have let it get to where it was. Step two is run a hot water cycle with a cup or two of white vinegar in the top rack. After that step three will be a cup of baking soda on the bottom with another hot cycle.

I have never done all three steps, only the first two.

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