Fermentation Station

I am thinking of making a third fermentation station as I started two new ferments with a new to me process. Well kinda sorta new to me process, I have vacuum sealed ferments before but At the time I didn’t know anything about fermentation. But now I do know stuff and respect the process of fermenting!

As of right now I have blue berries and tomatoes, I am really thinking potatoes should be my next one. The vacuum sealed bags will balloon up and add a umami flavour!

*edit: I tried corn but I had the corns cut off the cob my vacuum sealer didn’t like the corn juices! Maybe I should have left it on the cob? I also sliced sliced two potatoes into quarters-ish and vacuum sealed those with salt. In a few days I will cook them up with a vodka gravy? I really don’t know what you would call the brine that develops from potato fermentation.

**edit 2: So I wanted to do some corn as well, so using my fancy corn decobber I cut off the corn but there was to much liquid in there, not thinking much about it I just gave up on that. I saw some ideas about fermenting fruit in vacuum bags. I do like fermented berries but I don’t have any containers or burping lids free at the moment so I was going to vacuum seal some peaches. Cut them up, and would you look at that they don’t seal! So I looked up how to vacuum seal liquids, I knew there had to be a way. I found freezing then vacuum sealing should work. Hopefully!

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