Thankful Post 112

Today I am having a very rough day, I woke up early this morning just dehydrated. I started my coffee making ceremony and realized the mugs I use were all dirty so I emptied my dishwasher. I was in so much pain so I decided I was going to just use a regular mug. I was going to pull out my coffee machine as I didn’t want to let my coffee to steep in the water for too long. My back was not going to let me do that so I thought I was going to risk it.

Today I am thankful that I have found out how to make good coffee that I could saviour or drink fast. I realized recently that I don’t like pre ground coffee, and simple coffee grinder don’t grind good coffee, I therefore do not enjoy simple coffee. It needs to be freshly ground with a burr grinder and made in a French press. I am thankful that I have found how to make coffee that can be enjoyed relatively fast.

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