Fermentation Station 2.0

So during this current plague I started playing with fermentation a little more, because sourdough bread was the fad at the beginning. I had made vinegars in the past, I had made sourdough before so neither of those are really new to me but I really got into it again. I fell out of making sourdough because it was not really for me but I like the vinegars still, and have also made several vinaigrettes to have on salads and really like that. I have made a few batches of sauerkraut and it has turned out well. I am making several different extracts (vanilla, fruit, and nut) they will be ready around Christmas. I have made several hot sauces which have been good; except for my banana pepper one I didn’t even try it, after my hands burnt for three days I was scared of it and when I popped the lid my nose just started burning. I have lacto-fermented several different things to make other yummy things. All of those things are to be kept some what shaded so in my kitchen I have my first fermentation station.

Today it is official I have started my second fermentation station, fermentation station 2.0 if you will. The stuff currently there do not need to be shaded. I have plans for a few different things I plan to start in there I currently only have one thing developing, some ginger bug. I intend to make different pops but we will have to see what happens.

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