Today’s New Thing

I had a few things that needed to be done today so I was in my car with the AC running. I had plans on making things today, I was going to cook a chicken so that I could make some chicken stock with the bones, I had never cooked a bird in a pressure cooker before.

I was going to make some yummy mayonnaise, I got some beer and some white wine just for the purpose of giving it a different taste. I have made plenty of mayonnaise before but never any with those flavours, many recipes I have seen suggest trying that.

Both the chicken adventures and the mayonnaise adventures where thwarted because of the heat. As soon as I got out of my car it was like bam! I realized it was warm out. I don’t do top good with the heat.

I was going to make some yogurt, again nothing new. I didn’t have any plans on trying new things with it. This plan was stopped because the yogurt I ordered I guess was flavoured and that is a no go for using as a starter. Maybe tomorrow I will go out and venture into the wild to get the right starter.

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