Today’s New Thing

Today’s New Thing is making rhubarb vinegar. How is this new, I’ve been working on the rhubarb vinegar already?

Today I decided to lacto ferment rhubarb in my hands of apple cider vinegar and white wine. I realize the white wine and vinegar is a little bit of cheating with the fermentation but what the heck, it’s not like I am fermenting the rhubarb to be consumed but rather the liquid (homemade vinegar). I will use the rhubarb for something but that’s in two weeks.

While I am writing this I have decided that I am going to also make some rhubarb extract! *edit after chopping up my remaining rhubarb I decided it was going to be a sweet rhubarb extract. *edit2 I got curious and decided to Lacto ferment some almonds maybe make an almond paste and I will try to make a almond cider vinegar. I also decided to make an almond extract.

*edit3 I noticed bananas in my freezer; I could make bread, but I got off the COVID bread making train so decided that wasn’t for me. So I thought I would try lacto fermenting bananas, so I chopped up a banana and started that process. Seeing as how I started making extracts with the other two projects I would do that with this as well; looking into my liquor cabinet of sorts I realized I didn’t have any plain vodka, I did however have some fancy vanilla vodka. It smelled good when I opened it up so I decided that I was going to make some vanilla banana extract. I am rather excited about this one!

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