White Stuff

I like making vinegar, the homemade vinegar gives everything a nice extra flavour. I am really excited about the rhubarb vinegar I am making so I have been watching it closely. I have noticed white stuff at the top, I was rather upset with myself thinking that it went bad because about a month ago I changed the jars it was developing in. So feeling a little defeated I ordered some more alcohol and Apple cider vinegar with the mother so that I could start the process over again. While dilating I got curious as to what it was, searching the web I found out that it is just the mother developing. Out of all the vinegar I have made over the year or two that I have been working at it I have never noticed that before.

I am however going to be starting a new rhubarb vinegar but this time with a red wine, to see maybe that will give it a different taste.

Today I got a thing of blue berries expecting the package to be smaller I got a little curious about what I was going to do with them all. I will be consuming them all, I have many ideas! I am going to be starting some blue berry vinegar, I ordered some vodka thinking I was going to need to restart my rhubarb vinegar, but because my rhubarb vinegar is fine I am going to start some blue berry vinegar. Saskatoon berry vinegar could be yummy too, maybe in the future I will do that!

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