Thankful Post 75

A friend had talked about how she used facial lotion, and thought it was amazing. So I thought I would give it a try. Thinking hand lotion and face lotion were the same thing in different packages I made the boo boo of using hand lotion on my face and this wasn’t a good idea, face lotion can be used as hand lotion but not the other way around! Why you would use face lotion on your hands is a question though as facial lotion is more expensive then hand lotion.

Today I am thankful that I make a lot of my own stuff rather then buying it from the store. For less then I would have paid for a good facial lotion I got all the ingredients to make an amazing facial lotion. I have been using that lotion for about 3 months now and haven’t even thought of needing to make more as so little does so much!

Getting to the point of this post; Today I am thankful that this friend got me into using facial lotion as it is amazing on my pepper burnt hands!

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