Today’s New Thing

Today I received a phone call from the instacart delivery person as they were not sure if they had the right place. So I got out of bed and waved at them. I was misgendered; they said have a good day sir, I don’t blame them for making that booboo as I hadn’t shaved for about a week. Last night I had been using my iPad while my phone charged and I could really see my beard, so my plan was to shave in the morning just wish I did last night!

I sliced my upper lip today while shaving, I have been cutting myself a lot recently so I am going to blame how my skin got softer with the addition of using facial lotion occasionally. While I was in the shower I thought I would put on a head band and pyjamas to take my physical distancing Selfie but my pyjamas were still in the dryer and I fully admit to being to lazy to get them all out so I just pulled out my house coat.

Last night I stepped on something in my home and it cut the bottom of my foot, so I can’t put much pressure on it today.

In a long winded fashion Today’s New Thing is my plan tip go my whole day in my house coat!

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