Today’s New Thing

I put some sun flower seeds into a stir fry today and thought it was yummy. It got me thinking were else could I put sun flower seeds? This thinking got me thinking what could I do with the pumpkin seeds I have? I decided to see if there was pumpkin seed extract; it looks as if the idea exists in pill form, so it must exist somewhere in the world. So why not make some on my own?

I put a couple hand fulls of sun flower seeds in one jar, in another jar I put a few hand fulls of pumpkin seeds into another jar, and then I filled both of them with vodka. In a few months I am hoping they will be ready for use, just to give things a little additional flavouring to things.

This fall when white girl spice (pumpkin spice) comes back into everything I will be able to give some more pumpkin joyfulness to everything!

Making labels for the containers I discovered my label maker can print two lines on one label so that was cool.

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