As I really do not want to get sick with anything else during the time of COVID I am so glad I can order alcohol to be delivered. I don’t drink enough to say I drink but during the time of COVID I have used a lot of alcohol! I was into making vinegars, maybe this fall I will get into it again after I start using my vinegars. To make my vinegars I have used different rums, different wines, and different vodkas. Today I got back into making my own extracts which takes alcohol, I typically use vodka as it doesn’t add anything to the flavour but I have used white wine but I would strongly suggest vodka.

At the beginning of this current plague when I really didn’t want to catch COVID and I was just starting my adventures of vinegar making I started using Designated Delivery, I stopped using that app for a bit because I wont be getting any co-op cash back. I used the co-op a few times, then I got sick with what ever I have. Today I was so glad that I could have the vodka delivered to me.

I don’t get anything from this link but if you need alcohol and don’t want to leave the comfort of your home check out, Designated Delivery.

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