Today’s New Thing

I still don’t feel great but that’s life I guess. I have spent most of the day sitting on my chair thinking about how much a mess of my place is. So I started thinking of cleaning my place! Knowing how much of a mess foyer is I thought I would start there. I got one box of stuff to take to the recycle bin and decided that was enough for today. Was cleaning my place something new? No. was deciding to put off cleaning something new? No.

My new thing maybe a first world issue, yeah ok it is definitely a first world 21st century issue: I walked into my guest bathroom and my bathroom lights didn’t turn on, it was so confusing? My new thing today was getting grumpy with my guest bathroom door not being smart enough to turn on my lights like my bedroom bathroom does! I am seriously considering putting some smarts into it, but the frequency of how much I use it is telling me not to.

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