Today’s New Thing

I still feel like poop, and it’s not fun! Yesterday I woke up just refreshed and feeling great, I am guessing it was because I had a good sleep knowing I was COVID free. That good feeling was short lived, by the afternoon the world hit me hard. Thinking about it I did not watch any YouTube, so I am going to blame my lack of YouTube consumption on returning me back to the current state of affairs!

This morning I looked at my bank account expecting to have been paid. There was a whole $198.28 in there, my first thought was “damn what over drew my account so much?” I looked at the activity and found out I hadn’t been paid yet, but a few days ago I got some GST return or some other return from the government. With some of that I ordered my groceries for the next two weeks.

Today’s New Thing, is going to be using my pressure cooker to make a pasta dish. Hopefully it turns out well. If it does I am thinking of moving my pots and pans and stand alone induction stove top to the pantry and using my pressure cooker for that.

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