Today’s New Thing

I know I had a big plan for today’s new thing involving two things I had done in the past but I did my run around this morning. I hadn’t planned on getting more water but decided that I was going to be out so I might as well. I am just to tired already to be planning on being awake until 0:00 tonight so ketchup making is out of the picture, I need ketchup to make sweet and sour sauce so that’s out. So later today when my brown sugar and ground ginger show up I will make Worcestershire sauce, and I have never made that before.

*edit: I am so tired and standing is a little tough on my back so I decided cooking was going to be tough. I needed to start my vanilla extract as I have plans for it come Christmas, making vanilla extract is not new for me. I tried making a banana extract before and thought it was yummy, so my new thing today is making a walnut extract. I have no idea how it will turn out, in a few months I will hopefully be pleasantly surprised.

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