Today’s New Thing

I did a few new things today, because one thing lead to another.

I really didn’t want to get out of bed today, so after I hit the snooze button a few to many times I needed a reason to get out of bed. Looking for a reason I remembered I was going to make rhubarb vinegar! I debated on weather or not I wanted to put it into the off white vinegar I had made or if I wanted to birth some new mother. I sliced up three rhubarb stems tossed them into a jar along with three good tablespoons of sugar, and thought long and hard about it. Either way I was going to need more alcohol, so another conundrum tock place, did I want to use wine or vodka? I got dressed and thought I would decide on the way to the co-op. I got there and decided I would just get both, I will use both for my vinegar adventures. I picked up the alcohol I wanted and came home. I used the wine but I did put a little bit of my off white vinegar in there to get it started, I plan on starting more today using the vodka one as well.

While I was looking for a vodka I noticed a dill pickle vodka. I thought well I need to get that, hopefully it will make a good vinegar? Thinking about it now I am curious about pickling with this soon to be vinegar.

I occasionally make a dessert stir fry, a rhubarb one would be interesting. Thinking harder about it I thought a vinegar wouldn’t go well with that so I would just have to try it without a sauce. I was cleaning up a spot in my fermentation station when I saw one of my one way valves, which lead me to thinking. I decided that I would make a rhubarb soy sauce, so I cleaned up some things cut three more stems covered them with soy sauce put a weight into the mixture and stuck on a one way release valve. As I write this I am thinking that maybe aquafaba would have been better, I will have to see if I have enough aquafaba but I may try that today as well.

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