Today’s New Thing

Today I woke up and I was just feeling so good. I new what my new things was going to be, it only tock me about 8 hours to complete. I got ready for my day filled up my pill containers, called for my drug refills but that is besides the point.

I went and checked my fermentation station and thought I saw only one maybe two were ready. I sat back down to research how to make a vinaigrette I saw a suggestion to put an onion or other vegetable into it so I found an onion and sliced it up. Something caught my attention and I forgot I was making a vinaigrette so I put half the onion into a jar filled it up with soy sauce put a weight onto the onions and stuck a one way valve to release pressure. A few hours later I remembered I was excited about my new thing but could not remember what it was.

When I remembered what it was I did a little more research, and I was distracted by YouTube for a bit. My 17:00 alarm went off and I realized how time means nothing when your moving at the speed of COVID. I went to check my vinegars again I found the one I wanted to use, a wild berry vinegar I had made I checked the rest of my vinegars and feed a few of them hoping they would develop a little. I decided I was going to make two vinaigrettes; one with 75% olive oil and 25% vinegar, the other with 75% peanut oil and 25% vinegar over onion I would have used olive oil had I had enough.

Tomorrow I will try them out to see if I need to add salt or not. I had big plans to cook, bake, or assemble something today that could use it but never got around to it.

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