Today’s New Thing

Today I made some facial lotion, I may have to do it again as parts of it lumped up but it is now in three different containers sitting in my fridge cooling down. It smells and feels amazing on my hands so I can’t wait to put it on my face!

I have been trying to get myself into a nighty night routine: Make my bed, I usually do this. Take off my makeup, I will do this once COVID is less of an issue. Have a shower, this will end once COVID is less of an issue and I am showing in the morning again. Brush my teeth, I already do this. Put on my facial cream, now that I have it! Pop my nighty night pills, I don’t sleep without them. Let my hair dry then go to bed.

Just because I am excited I think I am going to start my nighty night routine a lot earlier than normal. I am letting it cool in the fridge, hopefully it will get thicker. Next time I have a few ideas to make it better, I followed the recipe at

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