Thankful Post 31

Today I am thankful that I am in the right hormones, the emotional trip I have been on today reminds me the power of oestrogen.

I needed to double check some things today, so I planned on leaving my dwelling briefly today. Needing to present myself in public I had a shower, washing my body I used my facial cleanser and shower gel making my body feel so nice. I love the feeling; a friend told me about facial lotion, as I prefer making as much as I can on my own I ordered all the ingredients to make my own just putting in the order made my face feel great. As a representative of both the federal and provincial governments I feel it is important for me to wear a mask in public, so that I am leading by example if you will. I know I am unlikely to catch COVID and if I did I am unlikely to have life threatening issues but still I am being a mature adult! I saw three city employees from different departments not following the guidance so I was frustrated. I thought I would go home have coffee and write an email to the mayor I got home and my frustration continued as I could not find the top of my coffee grinder, I found it and my frustration went down. I thought I would try dark roast coffee as my new thing, so I got excited I have had dark roast before but it was from Tim Horton’s so I thought this could be different. It is different but still not good, I wont be drinking it again. I wrote an email to the mayor, so that relieved some of the anxiety but then I could not find his email address so I sent it through the web portal. Having another drink of coffee I was reminded how much I don’t like dark roast and that I need to find the new “my favourite coffee” so I ordered a little more then $50 of different coffees from a local coffee shop which got me excited. Having a little more of the coffee I decided that it would be a good idea if I called the coffee shop to see when my coffee would be in, they picked up the phone and Bam my anxiety went up and I was reminded I do not like the phone. Now I am just sitting out side enjoying the weather waiting on someone who needs my Commissioner for Oaths powers to have their name change forms witnessed. Witnessing those forms always makes me feel great but I cannot ask for my usual payment of a hug do to COVID which makes me sad.

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