Thankful Post 29

Today I am thankful for the clock, even though time is a delusion right now I am thankful that time exists and that we have a standard way of tracking it. We don’t necessarily have the best method of tracking it (minutes and hours) but it works well ish on Earth.

Last night I went to bed in time for the first time in weeks, I woke up this morning without my alarm clock. Curious I asked Siri what time it was and it was 5:00 something, I wanted to go back to sleep but I just lay there. Wide awake, just wanting to go back to sleep, my alarm clock went off telling me that it was 10:00 so I turned it off planning on getting out of bed. Then my aunt gave me a shout, after the phone call was over I thought I should get out of bed. I knew I took my time doing so forgetting my 10:00 alarm had gone off but I asked Siri what time it was, 12 something. I made the long journey from my bedroom to my living room and sat down. Remembering I needed to pop my pills I made the journey to my kitchen and say that it was almost 13:00! So I think I have moved to COVID standard time.

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