Sliced Finger Open

So there I was loading my dishwasher so that I could make my sourdough cola cake I noticed a drop of blood on my dishwasher door, confused I looked at my hand and checked if I was having a bleeding nose but I wasn’t bleeding. So I continued working, more blood was appearing on my dishwasher door so I checked my hand again and nose no blood.

I went to find more dishes in my living room out of the corner of my eye I noticed my left hand was covered with blood. I washed it off but could not see where I was bleeding from, it was a very confusing time. I went back to my living room to get my dishes when I brought the things to my kitchen I noticed blood dripping down the back of the plate, some how I sliced open my middle finger. I cleaned it up again but I must have bumped it funny cause now it hurts.

I have no idea how I cut it open?

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