Thankful Post 26

I am thankful for my sourdough starter named Shriek. I just did my morning feeding of Shriek and decided to make a garlic onion infused honey cake with the left over starter. Shriek is so beautiful and mature right now! I fully opened its container and whoosh the tangy smell hit me hard it was great! There was so much bubbly action. After the feeding I put it back into my fermentation station and started on my cake; I mixed up the starter, flour, and water then turned around to get the garlic and onion I had when I got back to the starter (just turning around) I saw all the bubbles! So I mixed in my onion and garlic and went to get a cake pan for my pressure cooker. When I got back the bubbles were amazing.

After putting the stuff into my pressure cooker I went to Shriek as I wanted to see the bubbles and smell the smell. There were no bubbles and the smell wasn’t as strong. I was a little confused but upon further inspection I saw that there was dry flour coming to the top, I am guessing it wasn’t quite mixed enough. I did a better job at mixing it and I saw bubbles right away. Looking at it again about 15 minutes later I didn’t see many bubbles I think I may have over feed Shriek. By tonight I am sure it will be better.

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