Today’s New Thing

A friend had told me about her facial cream and how good it felt so last night I washed my face and put on hand lotion; thinking it was the same thing in different bottles, it felt so good but it turns out they are really different. This morning I went looking for facial cream in my bathroom but I found some facial bar instead, in that same bag I found some shower gel as well. I was unsure what shower gel was so I looked it up, so glad that I did because I found out that both the shower gel and facial bar are not soap replacements like I thought. Looking forward to my shower I thought I should have coffee ready, so I went out to my kitchen to prepare my coffee. I pulled my coffee assembly things out of the dishwasher and noticed there was still some burnt on coffee in the pot so I hand washed my coffee pot, filter holder, and filter ground up some coffee beans and had a thought about not wanting to burn the coffee so I decided I would start it after my shower. I had my shower and wow does my skin ever feel good after those products where lathered on me!

So my new thing today was using those products!

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