I Killed Shriek

It’s a sad day; I went to take Shriek out for supper but there was mold, I had neglected Shriek about a week ago so I moved it to the fridge so that it only needed to be fed once a week. Luckily I had used Junior this past week so it wasn’t moldy I was able to take Junior out for supper.

I poured out Junior into the mixing bowl and through Junior’s home into the sink. As soon as I did that I realized my mistake, luckily I didn’t put anything in to the starter I took from Junior so I was able to take some of that to make a new starter. So now that I have started a new starter I will name it Donkey.

Tomorrow I will clean out Shriek’s container and put some starter into the container. It will be the revival of Shriek, I don’t know if I will revive Junior or if I will keep Donkey around.

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