Went for a walk

So out of shape I am! I decided to go walk to the dwelling I needed to drop money off at. All I would have to do is walk to the other side of Hampton Circle no problem! I sat down to put on my shoes when I realized I haven’t had my legs de haired sense the beginning of fall, no problem I will wear boots to hide my hairs.

I got about a block away when I realized how much of a problem boots were, did I turn around and do something else? Nope. I was about 50% there when I realized I was out of shape and hurting, did I turn around and say F it? Nope. I got there dropped the envelope off, I was so happy that I did it but not happy that I had to walk home.

I finished off the whole circle but as I got home I was hating myself. Now that I have sat down I am proud that I did it.

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