Today’s New Thing

Do to the COVID issue my regular coffee has been ripped from my tongue. So I started experimenting with new coffees because the Google, the book of Faces, the Amazon, instacart, and many other bots all track me I get a lot of ads for coffee. I was getting all of my coffee pre ground as my grinder had decided that it should fall apart a few years ago. So I was able to ignore most of the coffee ads.

Because of the Google bots following me around and how the the Google owns YouTube I get a lot of coffee videos suggested to me. Many of the coffee experts I have watched say grind your own beans as it tastes better, knowing that experts know more than me I thought ok let’s give it a try. I ordered some coffee beans from somewhere and a coffee grinder from Amazon expecting them to appear around the same time. The coffee beans showed up and a few weeks later, so today, my coffee grinder showed up.

I ground up the coffee beans, after weighing out the right amount, and made my coffee. That’s right I weighed out my coffee beans to get the right amount! 33 grams if you are curious. I am happy to say that yes coffee tastes better with fresh ground beans.

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