Cleaning up my fermentation station I was reminded I made sauerkraut, but I could not find it. I didn’t remember eating it and I was hoping I didn’t toss it. Looking through the fridge could not find it, I couldn’t find the container I made it in so I was sure I didn’t toss it. There it was on the bottom of my fridge door!

I took a fork full and wow did it ever taste good! I got a bowl and was just going to eat that for dinner, it would be good but I thought I needed more then a condiment for a meal. So I made some rice and put sauerkraut onto rice, it was great.

Next time I make sauerkraut, and I will, I don’t know that I will put as much garlic into it. Garlic is great and all but sauerkraut has a strong taste and doesn’t need as much garlic.

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