Today’s New Thing

I was rather depressed today and my back hurts. Around 15:00 today I thought I was going to miss doing my new thing today and I was not stressed out about that as I have been in the past.

Around 18:00 I thought I would plug in my deep freezer so that tomorrow I could take another step into the transition to vegan ism. I would move the dairy and meats so that I could put vegetables into my fridge freezer. I made the long journey outside of my place onto my balcony and into the storage space. My back was so sore so I wasn’t paying attention to anything other then were the cord was.

All I could see was something was plugged in? Then I listened and I heard it my deep freezer was running, I have no idea how long it has been running all I care is it has been longer then 24 and that it was cold. I thought I would order my vegetables and have them delivered tomorrow as it was after 18:30 I didn’t think that there would be any deliveries today. There where times left today so I ordered the vegetables, my plan was going to be I would dilate and be ready for when they were dropped off. It quickly hit me that I would need to move things in my freezer around, so today’s new thing is my dilation plan got pushed back because of vegetables!

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