Today’s New Thing

Yesterday I thought about trying to infuse some honey with garlic and green onion, I had saw a video on it recently. I put garlic and green onion into a jar and covered it with honey, the video I saw said I would need to burp it after 2 days and then again every week as it ferments and adds to the flavour. I know I have bad habits of saying “I will do it later” and then forgetting about it, not wanting it to blow up I have a self burping lid.

So that was yesterday it’s not a new thing today?

Today I started the process of making aquafaba with chickpeas. From my understanding it is the same process as making soy sauce from soybeans, but calling it chick sauce sounds kind a sort a wrong. I intend on using the aquafaba as an egg and dairy replacement in my new vegan lifestyle.

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