Thankful post 5

I was planning on having a “busy” day today, including a delivery in the morning and a phone call in the afternoon. So I dilated and showered last night after which I put stuff into the washing machine. My plan was to let it wash then put it into the dryer which I did, I started my dryer up and went back too my living room to wait for the dryer to finish. Several hours later I realize I fell asleep, so I went to bed not realizing I was naked! I woke up this morning and realized I was naked it was confusing I thought about it and realized why I was naked; I had been living in those pyjamas long enough for them to feel like my skin, that thought made me need another shower today.

Today I am thankful for soap!

No what I am really thankful for is my wardrobe. I was able to put on nice clothes to make me feel better.

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