Today’s New Thing

I got a new TV back for Black Friday a friend helped me set it up. I have a home theatre system from years ago so no 4k support, when my friend and I set up my new TV we didn’t stress on setting up the 4k stuff, as I didn’t have anything to out put 4k. During this pandemic I wanted to be able to use my bedroom TV again so I needed a new AppleTV so I got a 4k version. Being lazy I just replaced the old one with the new one, my home theatre can only out put 1080p so whatever. Today I set it up so that I get the 4k beauty from my TV and the sound from my sound system!

Because the AppleTV 4k doesn’t have an optical out I tried setting up my old AppleTV as an audio out setup but that didn’t work. Then I was going to just forget about my sound system, but that wasn’t going to happen because I would have to reprogram my harmony remote. The harmony remove programming process is silly and I didn’t want to go through that.

I wanted to use the 4k, or I didn’t want to figure out the plugs so I was going to be fine manually adjusting things. After doing that I got frustrated with manual remote controlling. I figured out how to get the fibre audio out of the TV and into my sound system. I should watch the Baby Yoda show again I think it is filmed in 4k! There is also some YouTube videos in 4k, like Sam the Cooking Guy. AppleTV+ also has 4k stuff I believe.

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