Today’s New Thing

I make my own vinegar, I have made some simple vinaigrettes for salads or splash a little on my potatoes. I thought what the heck and made some vinegar with “wild berries,” frozen blue berries and strawberries from Walmart. The vinegar has been sitting in my cupboard aging; getting more vinegary I guess, I would frequently think I should do something with it and come up with different recipes but would never get off my bum to make whatever. Today I finally got off my bum diced up an onion and garlic removed the solids from my berry vinegar poured it in with enough white vinegar to cover the onions, vacuum sealed the container and I now plan on leaving it for a while.

I debated putting pickling spices into it but thought there are other flavours in there that would clash. After sealing it I got worried because I didn’t know if there was something special in the pickling spice that would do something, so I sat down and turned on my TV. I posted today’s selfie and started writing this post and my panic started up again so I looked it up and I am proud to say, maybe hopefully should be ok.

I need to make some more white vinegar, in a while when the vinegar is ready I will pickle an egg and it will be fabulous! Funny story about pickling eggs, the first time I pickled eggs I sliced the eggs and after a few days when I thought it would be done I opened it up. The vinegar was really murky, it wasn’t much of a shock so I started pulling the eggs out the first slice was missing a yolk I thought it just fell out so I went for another slice again no yolk I was really excited to try a pickled yolk but couldn’t find one! I searched through the entire jar, and discovered the yolks all dissolved in the juice.

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