Today’s New Thing

I didn’t really know what my new thing was going to be, my father sent me a message. When either of my parents send messages I try to be civil, until they give me reason not to be. My anxiety just hits the fan whenever I do speak with them, I want to have a positive relationship but a lot needs to happen first.

So I guess no new thing; unless you count me getting grumpy with Scott Moe in respects to half assing a tease to their 5 point return to work plan.

*edit: Last night I really did not sleep well, I thought maybe it was just how the world is right now, I haven’t been feeling too great these last few days but again I thought it was due to the COVID issue. I looked at my calendar and realized that yesterday was Tuesday and it was a power up day. So I shoot up a day late, so my new thing is stabbing my leg and powering up on a Wednesday.

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