Today’s New Thing

I have decided to actually start the plan I made at the beginning of my social distancing trip, but I have realized it is going to take more then a week! I have almost cleaned my bedroom tomorrow it will be all clean, I am excited about this.

Yes I have cleaned my room before, so how is that my new thing? It isn’t my new thing it just lead to my new thing. I did a few loads of laundry, all of my laundry is almost all clean and it will be done by tonight. How is doing my laundry the new thing? It isn’t, I have cleaned my laundry before. It is however the first time I am going to hang dry pyjamas that I have worn, this however is not my new thing because I hang dry most of my other clothes already.

After I decided I had cleaned my room enough for today I thought I would try drinking some whiskey. I put a shot of whiskey into a glass with two ice cubes, I then swirled it around until the glass was cool and started to drink. I took a sip and “yeah nope!” My new thing was trying whiskey, maybe because I bought a cheap whiskey (I think I was going to be cooking with it) but I don’t like it.

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