I am a little frustrated while Cleaning laundry

I have had all my laundry clean before, so that is not new, but cleaning my bedroom I realized that my bras are just going to sit there until the world starts up again; in a few months!

So my bras are all washed; all that is still dirty are some pyjamas, which I will wash tonight. I hang most of my clothes but I am now out of clothes hangers! Last time I had all my close clean would have been January 2019 but some of the stuff was packed for my trip to Montreal, and that was 16 months ago. I have picked up new clothes over that time, just saying. I rarely have all four laundry baskets clean so I don’t need hangers for all of my clothes.

My skirts are folded up and still in a drawer, but I am still four hangers short. Finding a place to fold up my fall and winter clothes is a task for another day, but that is where I will get more hangers!

The frustration is from not having enough clothes hangers.

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