Today’s New Thing

Do to this COVID thing I have been physical distancing so I have had to order my groceries from instacart. Instacart doesn’t do Co-op, I drink Co-ops house blend coffee so I thought I would try Walmart’s house blend. Walmart’s house blend coffee is no good, so I was just going to order some other coffees from Walmart. The other flavours of coffee were not available at the location where the instacart person went so that was a no go. I went on to Amazon picked out a few new to me coffees and a Tim Hortons tin, all of which were prime. When I hit all of the buttons and realized one was not going to show up for weeks so I cancelled it. I then took a moment to realize how privileged I am to not be happy that something wasn’t going to show up on Monday after a long weekend during a pandemic.

Another new thing is I have ordered a couple coffees McQuarries, don’t know how they are being shipped to me.

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