It’s funny Prime shipping guarantees delivery for somethings in about a month. I needed to order some more coffee grounds, being stuck inside I want to try different coffees. So I picked out a bunch of coffees and checked out my cart. Expecting them to all come in the same package I was surprised when one was coming on its own, they were all going to be prime so what ever. When I got the email confirmation I realized one was going to delivered in 4 weeks, so I canceled that one and picked out some other ones to try.

I drink Co-op’s house blend coffee, I like it so that’s good for me, Walmart coffee on the other hand is no good, in my opinion at least. With my instacart order I had a few different coffees picked out but the Walmart that this delivery person went to didn’t have any of them. I drank some more of the Walmart coffee and thought nope I need other coffee.

In my adventures to find good coffee I have also ordered some from a local shop. Should be fun.

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