Today’s new thing

Last night I knew I was going to need to talk to a professional; so my new thing was talking to my psychologist via zoom, it is a sad thing to be saying is my new thing but I was not doing good after work.

As I work a job that the government says is essential I have to be working on the phone, it is h e double hockey sticks. I can’t be going to peoples dwellings with this whole thing happening, I feel much safer going to someone’s door then I do calling them. Today I was speaking to someone I was getting his information and the F worder said he identified as an Apache helicopter. When friends in the Trans community make jokes about it it’s funny, when someone outside of my friends group makes that joke it hurts.

I haven’t heard the Apache helicopter line for probably 2 years, prior to today.

On a happier note I did however tare some chicken breast and put a hand full of that and some cheese into cream of mushroom soup.

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