I work Statistics Canada as a computer Assisted “Personal” Interviewer (CAPI), I don’t think I can stress the Personal part more! I have done lots of phone stuff, I have hated it each time but I knew it was not common. I get sir’d a lot on the phone each and every time I am so glad I am not a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewer (CATI).

Under the Statistics Act there are some surveys that are uper duper super important. One of those surveys starts on Sunday, because of this pandemic I am not allowed to go to people’s doors, so I am to do my cases over the phone.

When I was able to go into isolation to make sure I didn’t get sick, to flatten the curve, I was going to try something new every day because I knew Sunday was going to be tough so my new thing to try was going to be 100% CATI. I popped my nighty night pills and was heading off to bed when I just started having a panic attack. After an hour of nothing but anxiety I was so awake, I have no idea what to do. I decided to get out of bed and make another hot chocolate and write about my anxiety; that usually helps, not sure that it is right now because F word!

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