COVID survival

I am going to take time and make a plan for my COVID survival. I have seen all of the memes poking fun at what has come over the world and how people should stay away from others, rather then making fun of the situation I am going to try and be productive with this.

As of today I have officially gone into a quarantine mode. I needed to wait for payday so that I could get food, household things, and medication to keep me alive. A friend also needed a ride to and from the hospital.

Tomorrow I have a work training thing all day, it will be over the phone so that will be interesting. I don’t really plan on doing much more then that.

Saturday I have the day off, nothing to do with work but I fully expect to be going stir crazy so I have decided I am cleaning my office.

Sunday I get to work! In my clean office making phone calls. While I am between calls I plan on finishing up my office cleaning.

Because many people will be in quarantine as well I think I am going to work through the day and evening through the week. On Monday I will clean my kitchen and dining room between calls. Tuesday I will clean my living room between calls. Wednesday I will clean my spare room between calls. Thursday I will clean my guest bathroom between calls. Friday I will clean my bedroom between calls. Saturday I will clean my bathroom between calls. Sunday I will clean the remainder of my place between calls.

I am not looking forward to work over the phone, I am a personal Interviewer! My voice is not something I like it is a trigger for my dysphoria, hopefully making my clean up plan will help with that.

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