I got kicked out of a friends hospital room today for smiling. It was a completely valid reason, I am a sarcastic a$$ ‘itch with a B’ and she was in pain while a medical professional in training played go fish with a needle.

In the past I was accused of coming home one night drunk, even though at the time I did not drink. How this accusation was levelled upon me appeared as an attempt to push me down some stairs. Why I mention this is because I was accused of not being able to keep a straight face when I said I didn’t.

I laid down to go to bed and my day went rising through my head; when I got to the point of being kicked out of the room I was reminded of another friend once upon a time saying I am always smiling which lead me back to stairs memories. So there I was laying in bed when all of a sudden I had a severe case of vertigo!

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