All out of blenders

A friend is going to be crashing at my place for a bit while she does her recovery thing so I need to make more dishwasher detergent, I had no problems with that except running out of borax not a problem I can get more. My laundry detergent now that is a whole other story.

I was blending up 2 bars of soap for my laundry detergent I have/had two blenders that kinda sorta work/worked. The first one just dies on me, no real surprise. So I move it all to the second blender and start it up; after a little bit I start smelling something funny, I look at the blender and there it is smoke coming up from the blender. So no food processors for this girl.

I thought about it because I need the stuff made but I don’t have the money for a new blender. Out comes my immersion blender, it worked just not as well as I would have liked.

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