I am running out of razors, so I have started shopping for new ones. I use Harry’s razors now because that is what I have, they made a booboo and sent me enough for about 2 years. When I started HRT my facial hair softened up, after getting laser beams shot at my face my facial hair softened up again. So that 2 years worth of razors turned into 6 almost 7 years worth of razors. Now that my razors are almost used up I am in the market for new razors, I was thinking of just getting more Harry’s razors. I looked at Harry’s just cause that is what I have, that was quickly kiboshed but now I am seeing ads for Male razors all over the book of faces.

I know my skin can handle the Male razors, I don’t like paying the pink tax but I also don’t want male things. You may ask what the difference between male and female razors other then the pink tax? From what I understand the blades are softer.

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