Getting clean!

It it’s official I have done my laundry with home made laundry detergent. I was scared my colours would run or my clothing would be damaged. I will admit that it smells kinda like baking soda (or washing soda in this case) but only if you get really close stick your nose into it and smell, other then that it smells good. It is gentle on my skin, or at least it is with my pyjamas I have been wearing for the last 40 hours.

No more buying laundry detergent, this stuff is so much more affordable and doesn’t contain chemicals that are too hard to pronounce.

The recipe I used can be found at

Next is dishwasher soap, I had decided that I was going to stop using my dishwasher one of the reasons was that there were chemicals related to plastics being used to wash my dishes, depression has hit me hard so my dishes have piled up so this isn’t working if I can tell myself to use the dishwasher I am sure my dishes will be less of an issue.

The recipe I will be using can be found at

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