So I went to the Remembrance Day ceremony when I walked in I was stopped and the person said sorry ma’am but we need to check your purse. Completely fine they checked everyone’s purse, just I was so happy!

I found a seat a little while later this, very attractive, man asked if any one was sitting in some seats in my row. I stood up to let him pass and he said excuse me sweetie. Another smile across my face! This older couple a little later asked me “excuse me ma’am but are those two sets taken?” That smile felt so good!

I hate the idea of “passing” as everyone looks different, and I know I say that with “passing privilege” but wow every time I get gendered correctly! I get gendered correctly probably more than 9 times out of 10, but still wow! I don’t get gendered correctly on the phone as much, but I shouldn’t let that bug me too much because I am just feeling great about being ma’am’d twice and sweetie’d once this morning!


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