I had a faulty ninja throwing star stuck in my tire last night. I dropped Muzét off at her place and then a light came on my dash saying a tire was low, I did not feel anything at first but then I could. My car has fancy tire pressure gauges so when I looked at my dash it said my front driver side was low, River and I pulled into a gas station and start filling my tire but the pressure gauge on my dash said it was still going down. We got looking around my car, River then finds my rear back tire had a spike sticking out of it. We drove to the co-op were the worker bees were a little iffy about helping me, lucky for me Jason was in there buying stuff. Jason apologized that he could not help but called his husband, prior to his husband showing up the co-op worker bees decided to help (while they were not representing the co-op).

This morning I took my car in and luckily the tire could be fixed.

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