Fire Truck

I was laying in bed trying to find the will to get up, neighbours started talking loud someone sounded like they were throwing up and crying. I had no idea what the time was and was not really shocked by neighbours acting like that, I know it is better to stay out of a fight that has nothing to do with you. Then I hear Fire truck sirens, I got a little concerned that there maybe a fire in my building, and wow I found the will to get out of bed! I look out my window and see a fire truck coming into my parking lot and a bunch of neighbours huddled outside. I was a whole lot concerned, then I saw the ambulance and my concern for my personal safety settled down. After putting on my house coat I opened my front door to be a nosy neighbour, one of the neighbours saw me and came over and told me what happened.

I guess I am just happy that my place was not on fire!

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